CrazyBabe: Anna Monoxide Summons Us To A Creepy Playtime


I love how this set starts off by showing us a myriad of cute stuff, like plushies and other accessories scattered around Anna Monoxide, especially because as the cuteness is on display, there’s a dark undertone present throughout the feature.

Anna Monoxide is wearing contact lenses that make her eyes look pink and creepy, which contrasts with the cuteness of what she is showing us, and it feels like she is just getting our attention for a more macabre reason, which becomes apparent in the moments where she puts the toys aside and starts “playing” with a noose.

She changes costumes throughout this CrazyBabe set, but they all keep that eerie feel about them, which is an amazing thing, because the creepy atmosphere that the accessories and the wooden furniture around her create makes everything feel like a horror setting, and her makeup gives her the appearance of a strange, possessed doll, especially with how she insists on playing with the toys around her to further the unsettling sensation brought about by the cute and the dreadful put together.


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