Blair Cosplay by Mikomi Hokina


For those familiar with the wacky anime, Soul Eater, you are surely familiar with Blair, the monster cat that can turn into a voluptuous human with violet hair. While in cat form, Blair is quite skilled in combat, in human form, she is a competent seducer, using appearance to entice and exploit people. She is also adept at performing offensive magic spells which unsurprisingly involve a lot of pumpkins. Witches, cats, and pumpkins. Ha!

Mikomi Hokina’s cosplay couldn’t be a more accurate tribute to the character because in Soul Eater, Blair the witch is first introduced while she is bathing in her home unknowingly being hunted down by the show’s protagonists. They break into her home and break into her bathroom only to realize Blair is naked and their quest to take her soul falters because hey, I guess seeing a beautiful naked woman is enough to give someone a nosebleed from excitement, but this doesn’t stop them from trying to take her soul again.

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