SINoALICE Cosplay Quite Porcelain-Like


A lot of times cosplayers do not usually take to cosplaying characters from an android games. For one thing, the characters in the game are mostly shown from one angle, if not as a pixelated chibi. Most of the times you don’t really get a whole lot of sources for the entire costume and unless the game creators release an official profile of the characters, the cosplay makers are left to imagine and create what they think the character’s costumes look like form all angles. This may prove to be quite the challenge but achievable nonetheless!

This cosplay is from the fairytale-themed iOS and Android game published by Square Enix called “SINoALICE”. The game’s creative director, Yoko Taro, is known for well-acclaimed games such as the NieR and Drakengard series.

The playable characters are based off of fairytales and one of the said characters is The Little Mermaid, which cosplayer, Senya Miku, has chosen to make a tribute to. According to her, the detailed cosplay she wore was made by the Taobao shop under the name “Yuzuoshe” that is also well-known for making good quality cosplays for anime, game, and custom characters.


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