RazorCandi as a porcelain goddess


RazorCandi is back with a clean (but oh so wicked) look. She calls it her porcelain look and I think she hit the nail on the head with this one. At first I was a bit taken back by the non-deathrock look. Razor Candi slows the shoot down a bit–and this is a good thing. This is a more intimate shoot. It’s just her and the bed. Her ability to pose in sensual styles shows a softer side to Razor Candi, a side I am sure we all appreciate and would love to explore.

After looking through the entire photoshoot, I have to be honest. This shoot really has something special. There were photos that I would go back to (unfortunately for you, I can’t show those photos) when picking out a few that were “safe for work”. If you get a chance to see the full uncensored spread, I would suggest that you check her out in the photos where she is done teasing her top off, and she still has her black socks on. There is one shot in particular that demonstrates the spirit of this shoot magnificently. Razor Candi is on her tummy, and her skin looks like it is made of marble. It is smooth and has a, well, porcelain glean to it. Her tattoos really come alive here against the white backdrops. I think some of my favorite pictures are of her in various positions on the bed as she draws the reader’s gaze to the ink.


I’ve always loved alabaster skin and hair with an exaggerated smoky eye, something about it just makes me think of cold marble. What’s more fitting is the location which sort of reminds me of ancient architecture with a neoclassical feel. I feel like a fallen Greek goddess who has succumbed to lust and carnal desires, left vulnerable and broken and yet… human.


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