Luxmyn Misty Cosplay Poke-Strip


If you are a fan of Pokemon, then you are in for a good one, as today you get to stare in awe as the beautiful Luxmyn cosplays as the cute gym leader Misty from Pokemon, only this time without Ash or Brock, which means you can have her all to yourself.

The cosplay is exactly what you would expect from a Misty cosplay, with her characteristic yellow top and shorts with suspenders, her red shoes and orange hair. Add to that the fact that she is playing with a Poke-ball and you get a cosplay that gets you in the right mindset for some action. Only this time, instead of Pokemon battles, you’ll witness something even better, as the lovely Luxmyn poses for you with her clothes on, and then shows you her naughtier side by getting naked and showing you her alluring body, which she does either by simply posing sexily while wearing very little of her costume, or by showing you close ups of some very interesting parts of her anatomy.

Once you see this CosplayErotica set, complete with a video where you can see much more of her, you too will want to have her as a companion in your travels.



Misty has a slight inferiority complex, mostly due to her three older sisters Daisy (oldest), Violet (second-from-oldest) and Lily (third-from-oldest), who formed the group, “The Three Sensational Sisters” (their synchronized swimming group), and refer to Misty as the “runt”or “weaker one.”





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