Misty on a Poke Ball or Wrecking Ball?: Hot Misty Cosplay by Angie Griffin

Ever since the “Wrecking Ball” sang by Miley Cyrus became a hit, a lot of its versions have spread all over the internet. It’s been sang by people of all ages and race, from the simplest to the most creative and, should I say, hilarious way they could ever think of. Apparently, a particular scene from the music video also became so popular that it even conquered the anime world as well. Misty riding a pokeball, for example, was a parody from the scene where Miley rode a wrecking ball in the music video.

Here’s a hot and cool Misty cosplay by Angie Griffin with her huge Pokeball, which she designed huge enough to look exactly like a wrecking ball for their Pokemon and Wrecking Ball parody on Youtube. Catch her and her friends as they bring entertainment to you in their Youtube parodies!

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