Announcing Nominees for the 2024 Bazowie Awards, presented by Zinetastic


Bazowie AwardsWe are so very pleased to announce the nominations for the 2024 Bazowie! Awards, presented by Zinetastic, with Platinum Sponsor Bad Dragon. We really appreciate all of your wonderful suggestions and it has been such a pleasure to see so many amazing creative people doing such fantastical works. If you love science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, comics, superheroes, anime, RPGs and other tabletop games, and the future of technology, this is the awards show for you.

In the more than twenty years we’ve been doing this, art forms like cosplay have moved from the fringes to enjoy greater and greater popularity, as they should. And this site has gone from being just me blogging about sex robots and cute costumes and books and movies I like … to publishing Bazowie Magazine, presented by MyFreeCams, and having more than fifty writers blogging about sex robots and cute costumes and books and movies … and, of course, this awards show. It has been a lovely experience.

Please use the links below to vote for your favorites. If you only want to vote in one category, that is fine. If you want to share your opinion on all of them, that works too. You are welcome to vote for yourself or to ask others to vote for you. (Please only one set of votes per day, meaning you can vote in multiple categories each day, but please only once daily per category.) Shares on Twitter of who you voted for will be factored in. Winners are selected based on a combination of our editorial panel of judges and voting and Twitter shares from the community.

Both nominees and fans and friends can get tickets for the March 4 livestream now at this ticketing link. General admission tickets are free, and of course VIP nominee tickets are free, and there are a few VIP upgrades available to purchase for fans and friends.

You can take a peek at last year’s winners and nominees and watch the on-demand rebroadcast of last year’s Bazowie Awards show, including the live virtual red carpet interviews, also presented by Zinetastic. You can also check out the winners circle issue of Bazowie! Magazine.

The Bazowie! Awards is specifically to honor creators of all the amazing work being done with themes of cosplay, science fiction, fantasy, video games, and anime and we can’t wait to see who everyone votes for. Nominees, fans, and friends can grab promotional graphics materials from this page.

Bazowie Awards 2024: Sexiest Cosplayer

  • AhquaMarine
  • Amber Lust
  • Amy B Yukino Bunny
  • Atzula Storm
  • BishoujoMom
  • Cubbi Thompson
  • CyberlyCrush
  • Emily Bloom
  • Hatori
  • Helly Valentine
  • Katy Kat Cupcake
  • Ksu Colt
  • Leairis
  • Lilith Rae Fox
  • Liz Katz
  • Miko Mihokina
  • Molly Redwolf
  • Oichi
  • Plantlily
  • Sia Siberia
  • Sonya Vibe
  • Vicky Brown
  • Virtual Lady
  • Zirael Rem

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Kawaii Cosplayer

  • Alice Bong
  • AphiaDeMieux
  • Aza Miyuko
  • Bunny Waifu
  • Ely
  • Kasara Wood
  • Leah Meow
  • Marica Hase
  • Miss Mao
  • Oppaibby
  • PoppaChan
  • Sabrina Banks
  • Shermie
  • Sweetie Fox
  • Tako

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Spoopy Cosplayer

  • BigTittyGothEgg
  • braindedbby
  • Bunni Black
  • DahliaIsDopey
  • Darcy Diamond
  • Darcy Nycole
  • fairybabygoth
  • FatalGoth
  • Gia Paige
  • Kimmy Vampire
  • Lindsxyz
  • Nerwen
  • Nikki Carter
  • Rachel Luxe
  • Raven Noir
  • Remains0ftheday
  • Sabien Demonia
  • Toast

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Fandom Magazine

  • AltStar Magazine
  • Cosplay Chronicles
  • Cosplay Society Magazine
  • Creative Cosplays
  • Enchanted Living Magazine
  • Fuzion Dark
  • Spellbound Fairytales and Fantasy Magazine

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Streaming Platform

  • BongaCams
  • Cam Soda
  • Cam4
  • Chaturbate
  • ePlay
  • Jerkmate
  • Kick
  • MyFreeCams
  • Twitch

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Membership Site

  • AdultTime
  • BlueBlood’s EroticFandom
  • CosplayDeviants
  • CosplayErotica
  • Cosplayground
  • Hentaied
  • Parasited
  • VRConk
  • VRCosplayX

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Cosplay Cam

  • AnimeAnnie
  • Annie May
  • BabyZelda
  • Chrissy LeBlanc
  • Cristin Blue
  • Cubbi Thompson
  • DeviantxDarling
  • EmillyRogers
  • Emily Bloom
  • KasaraWood
  • Lara Loxley
  • LikeMyAshe
  • Little_ary
  • Miss Mao
  • RinCity
  • RockNRose
  • Runesy
  • Sara_Skys
  • Sia Siberia
  • Sinomin
  • Xenomy

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Nerd Cam

  • AmyWild_
  • AphiaDeMieux
  • BedsideWillow
  • Corrina Karma
  • Elunaxc
  • Hallucigenia1
  • heartmyarc
  • IvyWilde
  • JessWhitmore
  • Kimmie Gibbler
  • LexaLuv
  • MermaidMiley
  • Moon_Conjured
  • Morgpie
  • Nekobeanxo
  • Nova Squid
  • PrincessBluu
  • Reige
  • Sana Vega
  • Siri Dahl
  • Skylar Raye
  • SpaceSyren
  • StellarLoving

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best NerdTok Thirst Trap

  • Aprilcali84
  • Marina Valmont
  • Paris Bush
  • Sunny Ray
  • Sweetie Fox (SwFox)
  • Sweetieline
  • Violet Myers

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Cosplay Clip Artist

  • CruelAlice
  • Evie Rees
  • Helly Rite
  • Kit Kendal
  • Molly Redwolf
  • Octokuro
  • Purple Bitch
  • SheyTheGay
  • Sia Siberia
  • Sonya Vibe
  • Sydney Screams
  • Zirael Rem

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Bazowie Awards 2024:
Best Fantasy Toy Clip Artist

  • Ceelcee
  • Dahlia Puppy
  • Deerbxby
  • EtherealFaun
  • Ksu Colt
  • lilijunex
  • Lilkojikitten
  • Lulu Blair
  • Remains0ftheday
  • Sage the Size Queen
  • Slamthot
  • Starry Fawnn

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Sci Fi Toy

  • Abyss the Kaiju King (Bad Dragon)
  • Alien Egg Plug (John Thomas Toys)
  • Creature (Weredog)
  • Hidalgo (Xenocat Artifacts)
  • Pleasure Pitcher Stroker (Chillow Fantasy)
  • Riger (Elemental Toys)
  • Sex Machine (Hankey’s Toys)
  • U.F.O (Dilgo Toys)
  • Vibe Saber (Geeky Sex Toys)
  • Virtual Cam Girl Melody Sex Hole (Otonajp)
  • Weaver (Phreakclub)

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Fantasy Toy

  • Amanita (Fantasy Grove)
  • Angelous Phallus (Kraken Monster Lab)
  • Barghest Remastered (Xenocat Artifacts)
  • Dragons Breath Plug (EroticEffect)
  • Fenra (Fera Daemon)
  • Fiona’s Muzzle (Bad Dragon)
  • Hephos (Neotori Toys)
  • Honour and Glory Sword Dildo Handles (Darque Path)
  • Oak (Nothosaur)
  • Porthole Suction Cup Mat (Odyssey Toys)
  • Seraphina (Bad Dragon)
  • Sir Gawain (Twilight Meadow)
  • The Goblin (MouldForged)

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Horror Toy

  • All Seer (FactoryD)
  • Atratus (Bat Bites Toys)
  • Coffin Penetrable (Darque Path)
  • Furantur (Exotic Erotics)
  • Graveyard Ghoul (John Thomas Toys)
  • Hades 2.0 (Darque Path)
  • Heinous Penis (KrakenMonster Lab)
  • Karkinos (Nothosaur)
  • MeatCanyon (Bad Dragon)
  • Nattmaran (Twilight Meadow Creations)
  • Oct-O-Lantern (Chillow Fantasy)
  • Phobos (Xenocat Artifacts)
  • Sexromancer (FactoryD)
  • Slater the Stone Wyvern (Bad Dragon)
  • Succubus Silicone Grinder (Sinnovator)
  • The Coffin Grinder (Odyssey Toys)
  • The Creeper (SWISOK)
  • Yuanti (Wandering Bard)

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Anime Toy

  • Alla (Nothosaur)
  • Bubbles (Organotoy)
  • Depth Monster (Vex Toys)
  • Hentai Dildo (Hankeys Toys)
  • Hunter Jack (Nothosaur)
  • Leviathan Depth Trainer (John Thomas Toys)
  • Nøkken the Hippocampus (Bad Dragon)
  • Tatsu (NaughtyFox Toys)
  • Trench Depth Training Tentacle (Sinnovator)

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best Replicant

  • Aihara Mirai 148cm (ElsaBabe)
  • Anastasia 170CM (Dolls Castle)
  • Bella 158cm (Aibei Girls)
  • Cornelia 158cm (Orange-In Dolls)
  • D.VA 167cm (Game Lady Dolls)
  • Eugenia 168CM (Dolls Castle)
  • Inasidey 160CM (Dolls Castle)
  • Kako Motoko 148cm (ElsaBabe)
  • Kylie 159cm (FunWest)
  • Luis.D 163cm (SEDoll)
  • Meru 157cm (Climax Doll)
  • Samantha.J 161cm (SEDoll)
  • Seraphina 163cm (XT Doll)

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Best VR

  • Ahri Rides On Me And Milks Cock With Her Pussy
    Starring: Monmon Wu
  • Barbie: A Porn Parody
    Starring: Ivy Wolfe and Dan Damage (VRConk)
  • Genshin Impact VR Porn Parody: Amber & Mona
    Starring: Jewelz Blu and Adria Rae (VRConk)
  • Genshin Impact: Yae Miko
    Starring: Melody Marks (VRConk)
  • Magical Sempai XXX VR Cosplay
    Starring: Chloe Surreal
  • Princess Peach’s Royal Cream
    Starring: LumLumXX
  • Resident Evil Village: Lady Dimitrescu A XXX Parody
    Starring: Natasha Nice and Nathan Bronson (VRCosplayX)
  • Spooky Surprise
    Starring: Ara Mix (DarkRoomVR)
  • The Great A: XXX Parody
    Starring: Lilly Bell and Nathan Bronson (VRCosplayX)
  • X-Men: Emma Frost: A XXX Parody
    Starring: Lily Larimar (VRBangers)

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Sexiest Video Game

  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty
  • Diablo IV
  • Final Fantasy XVI
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake
  • Scarlet Maiden

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Bazowie Awards 2024: Quirkiest Accomplishment

  • Best Dildo Nightmare Fuel: Bad Dragon and Meat Canyon
  • Best Human/Adorable Critter Collaboration
    (Feline Division): KristieBish and Lionel
  • Best Human/Adorable Critter Collaboration
    (Suidae Division): Marica Hase and Buusan the pig
  • Best Nude Advocate for Indie Video Games: VeccaSalt
  • Best Use of Tentacles in Choreography: RocknRose
  • Best Use of Bodypaint for Cosplay: Sinomin

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