RazorCandi’s tribute to Brian M Viveros


If you are a fan of Brian Viveros, then this is the shoot for you. RazorCandi’s tribute to Viveros is painting made flesh. We each have a way of expressing ourselves. Viveros uses a canvas and Razor Candi is her own canvas. What I really like about this set is how passionate Razer Candi is. She really took her time to figure out just how to do a proper tribute to the artist. Everything from her headgear and the rounds adorning her body, right down to the style and color of her lipstick all represent Brian’s work. There are a lot of people who push Porn as Art, but they usually fall quite short. This is not one of those times. RazorCandi nails this vision and she does so using the best artistic expression she has, namely her attitude, brains, and body.

Her body may be a canvas, but it is her deep passion and intellect that make the canvas come alive. This shoot is just one more example of why RazorCandi is the best at what she does. I’m pretty sure Brian Viveros would be proud.


Who doesn’t adore Brian Vivero’s art work?! When I saw his paintings some years back I was really inspired to make a shoot with this style. Here is my version of his amazing work presented in a different medium.


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