Razor Candi Xmas on GothicSluts.com


gothicsluts razorcandi xmas razor candi christmas costume mistletoeI’m checking out the Christmas shoot for GothicSluts.com and I gotta say, who wouldn’t want Razor Candi under their Christmas tree? Heck, she even comes with a lollipop! How can you go wrong?

I love the model. She has so much attitude. The look on her face just says, “I know I’m sexy and I’m not afraid to flaunt it.” That kind of boldness and confidence is very attractive and it looks fantastic paired up with the red lace she’s wearing.

I strongly suggest heading on over to the site and taking a peak. If you like what you see you can even become a member and see more of Razor and other models. Let’s be honest, you know you want to, lol.

Happy holidays to everyone! Now go write your letter to Santa and hope he brings you this gorgeous girl.


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