Happy Holidays, Razor Candi


Razor Candi has done a lovely job with the styling for her Xmas photo shoot. Her tree is very petite. (It’s a shrubbery!) The red and green Xmas colors really pop in this shoot and the red and white striped candy cane motif is carried through her bikin top and mini skirt and her glass candy and her cute little Santa hat with a bow. Plus there are candy/Candi puns. Razor Candi has to be one of the most perfect-looking babes modeling today. The photo shoot gets pretty steamy later on, in the portions I can’t show a peek of here too. Happy holidays, Razor Candi!

razorcandi xmas candy

razorcandi xmas candy

Prepare yourself for my longest set yet! This set runs twice as long as an average set would with 130 images to celebrate the holiday! The set became quite long because I really wanted to make sure I covered every angle so my members can enjoy their favorite pieces of Candi 😉 I made sure I included a lengthy number of fashion photos showing off my adorable costume, an extensive number showing off more demure poses and for those who choose to continue on with the set a broad number of poses with my festive Christmas themed toys to set the mood! My main target is to always make all of my members happy and excited to see more! I hope I’ve brought some joy and warmth to your Christmas holiday with my set Glass Candy!


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