4th of July with Mischievous Razor Candi


Gorgeous Razor Candi has done a tongue-in-cheek almost parody shoot for the 4th of July. She is costumed as a regular American Pie sort of girl. While she has some sarcastic expressions in this shoot, it is a very very hot one. I can’t show you the firecracker she uses on a SFW site like Sexy Fandom, but Razor Candi knows how to make use of some rather large red, white, and blue decorated items. That is some dynamite. I like that, even in a funny set like this, Razor Candi‘s incredible sense of style comes through. From her American flag boots to her American flag bikini to her Americans flags to her denim shorts and all accessories, Razor Candi just really knows how to put a sexy outfit together. The girl is not only beautiful, but she just really has style and fashion sense. Happy Independence Day, Razor Candi!


It’s about time I shoot a Fourth of July themed set! This one was really fun mainly because it’s so vivacious, almost in an annoyingly too happy way, which makes it different from most of the subjects I shoot so getting into character for this one was pretty amusing. All in all I think the outcome speaks for itself, not only do I seem like a proud American patriot but also proud of the freedom I have when it comes to my body and my willingness to show it off 😉 What more can I really say except “ ‘Murica – Fuck Yeah!”


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