Razor Candi is the mistress of the deathrock style


If you’ve been a fan of RazorCandi as I have been, you will know that she really can rock out with a bit of a punk style. The mohawk and the OG punk fashion (all that was missing was a magic marker and a 12-foot safety pin) really spark things off quite nicely for this shoot. I love her shoes in it. There. I’ve said it. But it’s true! Take a look at those bad boys and tell me those aren’t the coolest thing you’ve seen adorn Razor Candi‘s sleek feet.

This shoot is a bit of a trip. It’s like going back in time and seeing this awesome idea starting to form into what/who we all know as Razor Candi. I love the throwback to the roots and I’m sure you will too. One thing about this photo shoot and video set is, well, it was darn hard to pick out pictures that were safe for work. That top is pretty shredded and sometimes Razor Candi’s girls don’t always stay put. I mean, I’m not complaining though. Why would I? I get to see every inch of this kick butt set.

Up the Punx

Figuratively speaking the set name says it all! Despite my great lengths to prove my punkyness with my towering Mohawk and DIY clothing you’ll soon find out why I chose the name as you make your way through the set 😉 Though Shadowalker and She’s A Killer were published on RazorCandi.com before this set, Up The Punx was actually my first photo set shot stepping back into my deathrock wardrobe which is why I went for a white version of my usual head to toe black outfits which were typical in my past deathrock styles, in a way it’s my rebirth to deathrock! I really hope members enjoy this set because I sure would like to do more erotic deathrock work, I for one don’t think there is enough of it out there!


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