All I want in my Easter Basket is candy, Razor Candi


RazorCandi is one of my favorite models to review. There. I said it. I love punk. I love tattoos. I love dark. Most of all though, I really love people who are humble about their success. In a world of too many spoiled brats (I’m looking at you, Bieber) it is really great to see someone make it who deserves to make it. Easter is here and Razor Candi pulls out all stops (and something else to play with). I love the sequenced ears and the dark bunny suit. Her shoes are actually what caught my eye. Those spike heels are amazing and they fit Razor Candi quite well–tough, sharp with a deadly point, and just enough lace to accentuate femininity. If Playboy wanted to update their look for the new era, I think Razor Candi should be the template.


Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on it’s way! I always loved Easter because of all the delicious sweets, candies, and gifts, and, oh my, look what I got this year for Easter *wink* Though Up The Rabbit’s Hole isn’t exactly your usual girl in a white bunny outfit I thought I’d put this beautiful latex retro style body suit [which was kindly provided by a very special member] to use! Despite everything I really like the way the set turned out, with the sequin ears pushing it to a very porno-glamour spectacular finale! I wish you all a sweet & happy Easter!


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