Razor Candi as Batgirl


Move over Alicia Silverstone, there is a new Bat Girl in town and it’s Razor Candi. I’m pretty sure that this is the photo shoot that made Ben Affleck sign up as the caped crusader. RazorCandi leaves the shark repellent at home and dives directly into the accessory that should be on every Bat Girl’s belt. One of the cool things about this shoot are Razor Candi’s eyes. Yes, she is a fantastic Bat Girl, but the gold coloring against the black mask really accentuates her green gems. I’ve never been gladder to see the bat signal.


I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to put this super cute Wish List outfit to good use so I thought it was time for a cosplay set! Being a Bat Man fan myself I was really excited to shoot this set, the most exhilarating part was giving it the RazorCandi twist that I so often enjoy carrying out in my sets. Bat Girl in RazorCandi’s world is a kinky fetish clad, ‘gun’ wielding erotic gal ready for any kind of action at a whim! If you’re into super heroines, cos play, fetish or Bat Man this set is definitely right up your ally! Hope this set meets your cosplay fantasies!

Words from the photographer: “I don’t know about most but I for one love super heroes and cosplay. They’re bigger, better and stronger and most the time irresistibly fascinating. Born out of our imagination they are the embodiment of our fantastic ideals. A feminine spinoff of Batman seemed like the perfect character to be interpreted by Razorcandi. Dark, mysterious, strong yet still with no actual superpowers thus attainable, Batgirl is here to please you all.”


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