Razor Candi Valentines Day


Gentle reader, you know how much I love costumes. For a lot of women with perfect bodies, the Valentine’s Day shoot
Razor Candi did would be par for the course. For her, however, based on the rest of her body of work in magazines and on her site, I am pretty sure this is actually a costume. A really great easy-on-the-eyes costume.

razorcandi valentines day


I can’t say Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite’ holiday’ of mine because I believe that every day should be cherished between lovers, however it is always a day I look forward to as a good excuse to adorn myself in sexy red lingerie while being showered with roses, Champagne, candy and in my case, other kinky additions! I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and if not I hope you can find relief in my Valentine Vixen set to make your day a little less lonely 😉


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