A very Razor Candi Valentine’s Day


Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is just one more day we can get in trouble for when we forget to buy someone something. Slight confession, I have an Ex whose birthday is 2 days before or after the day. To avoid guilt (thank you, Mom), I tended to buy her presents since Groundhog’s Day until two days after VD…just incase. So, if you are like me and really don’t have fond memories, let Razor Candi put a bit of a spring back in Valentine’s Day.

I have to say, when this assignment popped up in my box (I told you I have the BEST job in the world!), I was finally looking forward to Valentine’s Day (for the record, I was the kid in class your mom made you buy a card for…*sigh*…). Razor Candi is, without a doubt, the best person to put that twist into Valentine’s Day we all need, and boy, what a twist it is.

How hot is this set? Let’s put it this way–I can’t show you the first photo (and it doesn’t even have nudity!). Heck, I can’t even show you the first row of photos. Razor Candi is wearing a multi-piece red lace number. When I say, ‘multi-piece’ I mean she has stockings (red, with a lace top to them), panties (also red with a bit of black mixing in perfectly), a bra (that really is red, but didn’t come with cups so, sorry Safe for Work people!), a few heart shaped black pasties (which I will try to show if I can get a photo past the SFW Hammer), and this wonderful neck lace (red) that hugs her slender neck. She tops off the look with a great red wig (let’s face it, all of her wigs are amazing) and a make-up set that you really need to see a few times to fully understand. At first, her lips look black with her eye makeup and eyebrows having a red coloring to them. Well, as you can see from the photo down below, the lips are deceiving (aren’t lips always?). That’s the thing about Razor Candi, there’s always that hint of mischief.

As Valentine’s Day gifts go, you really can’t go wrong with Razor Candi’s photo shoot. Heck, it might even give you some ideas for the special someone in your life.

Though somewhat similar to my Scerry Christmas set as far as location and color scheme goes I still feel Heidi radiates with sensuality and lust. Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating romance and desire and what better way to celebrate than to capture it in photos! Although Valentine’s Day is not usually my favorite holiday considering I’m usually into more macabre and darker subjects, it’s always a good excuse to bring out sweets and enjoy the sexiest parts of my photo sessions. Of course I just had to involve some black hearts in the theme to keep things a little sinister, but those black heart shaped nipple tassels were just too cute to resist 😉 Hope you all have a disturbingly stimulating Valentine’s Day!


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