Move over Easter Bunny, Anastassia Bear is back


Easter is coming up and you know the drill: Send your friend out at 3 am Sunday to get Easter Eggs in the middle of somewhere Las Vegas so your girls can go on a Easter Egg hunt a few hours later. Okay, so maybe that is just my place. Either way, Easter would be a lot more interesting for me if the bunny looked like Anastassia Bear (links for this article contain nudity). One of the first things I notice about AnastassiaBear is that she actually has hair for a hare; you know, hair “down there”. I remember when women looked like that and darn it, Anastassia Bear can bring it back single handed. I love her look in this shoot. Her tattoos actually bring the rest of the colors to life; I’m not sure who did her tats, but hats off. As the naughty Easter Bunny for Barely Evil, I have to say that Anastassia Bear works. She works really well. I can’t imagine another model pulling off floppy ears, cuffs, a fluffy tail and that carrot. I’m a vegetarian, but Anastassia Bear takes vegan to a whole new level. The beautiful redhead also gave Sexy Fandom an exclusive interview quote about the shoot:

I had so much fun shooting that set. I love anything cute and fun and getting the chance to be a sweet kinky little bunny was right up my alley! I hope I get the chance to do it again! 🙂 -Anastassia Bear on the Bunny Shoot

We have a special gallery link for free pics of Anastassia Bear, but Barely Evil has more than 200 photos for this series in the members area.


Sometimes everything on a shoot just comes together so flawlessly that you want to pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming. Forrest Black and Anastassia Bear and I just clicked creatively right away. We share a lot of types of interests and inspirations and experiences. She is a very very creative costumer. Our buddy Kevin Flint made the crucified Easter bunnies piece for an Art Walk some years back and I’ve had it in the back of my mind for ages to shoot it for an Easter set. The background for this shoot is actually the door to the model dressing room. Normally, this is basically just a green room where the model can go inside and close the door to put on makeup or change clothing. It is sort of cutesy for the type of images we generally create, but Forrest just had the inspiration that we could use it as a location for this special themed shoot. The ground is concrete, so I had Forrest lay down green flooring in an Easter basket color. This helped us get the colors to really pop for these photographs. Anastassia put together the perfect Easter Bunny get-up from a whole bunch of different sources. She is basically a genius at putting together cool outfits for pennies. So I’m all texting Kevin and asking about his crucified rabbit art and Forrest is driving around random neighborhoods in Los Angeles to find the perfect aesthetically-pleasing carrot. A lot of resourcefulness and fun went into this shoot and I think the beautiful and sexy final results were very much worth the effort. This is a creative endeavor I really love.
–Amelia G


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