Steampunk, Anastassia Bear style


Whenever Amelia G and Forrest Black get together with Anastassia Bear, it seems that magic happens. I was honored enough to review Anastassia Bear before and it is really great to see her on BlueBlood. AnastassiaBear is a great model and her eyes really make the SteamPunk costume pop. I did notice something on this shoot that I didn’t notice before: Anastassia Bear has her armpits tattoo’d. They look good too; I can’t imagine the pain level, but they look brilliant. If you are a fan of Steampunk or Anastassia Bear (or both, like I am), then this shoot is right up your alley.


How fantastic is Anastassia Bear! Forrest Black and I enjoyed collaborating with her so much. She is genuinely into all her fantastic outfits and puts true creativity into her style. A con veteran, she was down for this steampunk shoot. We have an Easter shoot with her coming up too, which is eyeball-meltingly great, if I do say so myself. Stay tuned and enjoy 🙂
–Amelia G

anastassia bear steampunk capelet


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