4th of July with Sexy Independent Eidyia


Eidyia always looks so present in her shoots for Blue Blood, just very in the moment. I like the way she wears her patriotic bikini. Eidyia has definitely got back. Also, a nice back piece tattoo. This set appears to have been shot in someone’s dining room or booze-filled study. The environment is an interesting juxtaposition. Eidyia would look good anywhere in (and out of) that American flag bikini.

Now that I look at Twitter, Eidyia might be changing her name to Mistress Nicci. I’ve seen her on Blue Blood/Barely Evil, Gods Girls, and Burning Angel as Eidyia, so not sure if maybe Eidyia is for modeling and Mistress Nicci is for dominating. I used to sometimes see her on cam and, if memory serves, she was Eidyia or maybe Goddess Eidyia there. I’ll let you guys know when I know.

Anyway, happy Independence Day, Eidyia/Mistress Nicci!


This week is the 4th of July, Independence Day in the US of A. Eidyia is independent, intelligent, and politically aware. And she has a great booty. So she is the perfect person for this year’s July 4 photo shoot. A good friend graciously allowed me and Forrest Black to bring Eidyia by late at night to roll around naked in her well-appointed dining room. I hope you all enjoy the results of our creative endeavors. We all certainly enjoyed creating these images. Happy Independence Day!
–Amelia G


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