Eidyia in simple black lace


Sometime’s it’s the simple things that turn us on. We all heard of the simple black dress being essential, well, there’s another black item that is essential too–lace. BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black bring us a sizzling hot Eidyia wearing naught but a great selection of black lace that hugs her in oh so many good places. Okay, she is also wearing killer heels too! What I really like about this photoset, besides the outfit, is the way Eidyia poses. She reminds me a bit of Gwendoline Christie in this set. Not the Brienne of Tarth version of her, but the version that rocks out in Comic Con–the tall leggy gorgeous blond version.

Eidyia’s lipstick matches the rest of her outfit and it really brings out her eyes and the black lace makes her tattoos pop nicely. Also of not, I’m pretty sure this outfit does not have a panty set that is included. Yes, that means most of the pictures are a bit ‘not showable’ for the Safe at Work crowd (sorry!). There’s even a few a tad more graphic photos that involve a toy. If you are fan of lace, or black (or black lace, like I am!) then you really need to check this shoot out. Blue Blood always delivers and with Eidyia, they hit another home run.

Now, where did she get those shoes?

I always love some old skool black lipstick and, of course, this shoot, lensed by me and Forrest Black, also features Eidyia’s amazing curvilicious ass.
–Amelia G


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