Let Eidyia’s Beauty Hypnotize You


For anyone keeping score, you can add leather boots to my list of weaknesses. How could you not like them, especially when worn by someone as captivating as Eidyia?

On this gallery from BlueBlood, she looks secure and capable, while maintaining a hypnotizing eye contact, as she incorporates the simple steampunk setting around her. The delightful quality of her poses and gaze are enough to get lost in them for hours.

I’ve seen a lot of models who can pull off red lips, but not many who can look sexy with a darker color.

On this series of photos by Amelia G and Forrest Black, Eidyia manages to compliment her overall style of leather skirt and leopard print bra perfectly with her dark colored lipstick, all of which give her a profoundly erotic look.

What kind of fascinating things could her steampunk world be hiding behind that door?


Our friend Eidyia has been working out quite a lot and I love how she comes across as such a sexy bad-ass hero in this Steampunk-ish fantasy setting.



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