Hilarious Trump Versus Hillary Cosplay

WhoreNickels is Cosplaying the American Presidential Debate live on cam and it’s the best political spoof I’ve seen lately. This show is better than Saturday Night Live, and come to think of it, it IS Saturday Night and Live right now. They are both fully in character and I’m laughing so hard it hurts. Sex puns, spot on current events referances, comical policy debate taken to absurd levels, and even an offer for a Donald/Hillary sex tape. Plus, you can make Freddy The Frog say anything you like while these two go at it. #MakeAmericaBateAgain








You can make Freddy say whatever you want! Fred reads all PUBLIC tip notes (on tips 10 and higher). Fred does not read private or hidden tip notes (he respects privacy). Fred also has a band of furry friends that he plays in a band with. They will sing your favorite songs! See below for a list of songs they know how to play.
Freddy special: Rainbow Connection 700tk

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