RazorCandi Sexy Sweetness


When you think RazorCandi your mind usually goes to extravagant styles, but the shoot she has for you this time is a bit different, as it centers a whole lot more on the cute side of her without skipping a beat on showing her luscious side.

This is interesting because it brings a lot of colorful elements, starting with her purple outfit with skin-tight fabric that drapes her body and lets you see the outline of everything you’ll be treated to as the show progresses.

There is also her blue hair, which reminds me to SSJGSSJ Goku and Vegeta in the latest Dragon Ball movie because of the color, and if that specific tint is indicative of a “god” transformation as the movie implies, then RazorCandi truly is deserving of wearing it, for she looks divine with it.

This particular theme has a lot of interesting elements, because it not only shows her posing in her outfit as she slowly removes it while showing you her dance moves, but it also presents a very sexy moment where she is in a bathtub and what seems to be a tentacle makes an appearance to spice things up even further. All of which you can see in images alone, or on the video she has prepared for you.



I thought a sweet set like this would show my versatility as well as display a more cute lovable side to me. I was inspired by a mermaid theme for this one after receiving both this very cool tentacle prop and shiny pink bathing suit! Hope you all enjoy seeing me draped in colors and watching me enjoying my cool new toy!




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