Patriotic RazorCandi Tempts You With Her Flags


RazorCandi shows you how sexy a flag can be in this set where she is showing you her patriotic side by wearing a very nice ensemble made up of a pair of tight leggings with the American flag on them, and a tight, black top that gives you a better view of things as it brings out her gorgeous figure.

There is also a lot of blue going on here, and it looks fantastic. Her hair is a lovely shade of blue that combines really well with her eyes, her tattoos, and the colors of her outfit.

RazorCandi takes off her clothes after showing you her magnificent body. At first she discards her top to let you see her sumptuous breasts, and then she proceeds to take off her leggings, only to reveal another flag on her underwear, which she slowly removes as you watch attentively to the seductive scene.

This, of course, is a very nice thing as you can see her slowly stripping while maintaining the patriotic theme throughout this sexy set. All the way to when she is almost in the nude and playing with her flags and an appropriately colored toy that she brought to amuse herself with and start the fun early so you can have an unforgettable Independence Day.



Oh say can you see… yep, it’s that time of the year, time to show our love for our freedom and independence! You’ll find out pretty quickly as you make your way through my new set, Star Spangled, how much I like to express my freedom! Hope you all have a fun, free and safe Independence Day!





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