Donald Trump and Darth Vader Star Wars Apprentice Double Team


Tonight is the Star Wars episode of The Apprentice. For those of you who have not taken note of anything not sf-related in the last couple of years, The Apprentice is a reality show starring Donald Trump. He and two of his top executives, George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher, judge a group of eighteen potential employees of the Trump organization. The contestants are split into two teams and each contestant takes a turn as project manager, as the teams compete on specific tasks. Tasks may include designing a float to promote the Zathura movie or running a lemonade stand. Over the time the show has been on the air, more and more tasks appear to have some sort of corporate sponsorship. I rather liked the more simple tasks which seemed like greater tests of the entrepreneurial spirit, but this week’s tie-in speaks to my heart. As most of you are aware, I am sincerely hot for sexy and bold Darth Vader. Seeing him and the Donald team up in the promo spots for tonight’s special show is giving me really disturbing double team fantasies. You can vote for your favorite promo spot on the NBC site now. The Darth side of the Force features Darth as the project manager on the Death Star project using the force to get one of the stormtroopers to take responsiblity for the poor marketing on that task. The Task of the Clones features Darth Vader in the Carolyn Kepcher executive role threatening to chop whichever stormtrooper contestant Donald Trump fires into tiny pieces with a light saber. And The Donald Strikes Back features Trump firing Chewbacca for speaking unclearly and having poor hygiene in the workplace. Chewie leaves trailing a little pink rolling suitcase into the elevator. They are all funny, but The Darth Side of the Force got my vote. There is nothing like a darkly sexy controlling man in an armored costume. At least, in fantasyland. In real life, I suppose Darth would be the painfully hot but insufferable old flame I told horror stories about. Thank goodness for fantasy.


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