Devorah’s Supremely Captivating Miranda Lawson Cosplay


If you were disappointed by the lack of explicit content in the romance scenes in Mass Effect, then get ready, because Devorah will make up for that with a lot of erotic sensual nudity of her own in this CosplayErotica set where she is dressed up as the Cerberus’ beauty Miranda Lawson.

When you first take a look at these images you may be thinking that the costume should have a little bit more cleavage, and that is a problem that Devorah fixes in no time by making a true paragon choice where she gets deliciously carried away and takes her clothes off (mostly anyway), while maintaining the bare essentials of the costume for you to remember the character she is cosplaying as.

If the purpose of the enhancements Miranda got are to also make her look hotter, thanks to what Devorah is showing us I think we can all agree that it is a job well done as the tight outfit and her boots lokk very well on her.

In the video related to this shoot, Devorah shows you different angles of her body while posing for you and giving you a taste of her flexibility that will make you feel your own “botics” being enhanced when she dances and gets naked for you.



Miranda was born in 2150. As she explains to Shepard, Miranda never had a mother, only a father who is extremely influential, wealthy, and ego-maniacal. Using a modified copy of his own genome, Miranda was genetically engineered to be a specimen of human perfection. Everything, from her intelligence, physical constitution, biotic abilities, to her appearance were designed before birth to be excellent.






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