Mea Lee Sensual Biotics Miranda Cosplay


Miranda Lawson is one of the hottest characters in the Mass Effect series, so hot, in fact, that she can be considered as a top contender for gaming’s hottest butt, which is something worthy of attention, just like the cosplay you’ll see today where you’ll get to enjoy more of this character’s greatness thanks to the impressive cosplay by Mea Lee.

As it is customary with CosplayErotica works, this set has both a video and a set of images that you can watch and enjoy, as they both complement each other, the video by bringing you the action in motion, and the images providing sexy stills with attractive poses for your viewing pleasure.

Mea Lee is wearing a black Cerberus outfit, after all, in the Mass Effect series, this ally works for said organization, but instead of the white jumpsuit that you might know her from the beginning of the game, she is wearing the black and orange jumpsuit, which you get in the game by completing her loyalty mission.

But enough about the game, you want to know what naughty things await with this cosplay, don’t you?

I know you do 🙂

Well, it starts with her simply showing you her great body while she wears the full outfit and plays around with a futuristic gun (after all, the game did take place in the future, in space!) before she moves on to the erotic stuff and begins slowly taking off her outfit while she continues to pose in ways that range from sensual to powerful.



“I’m an excellent judge of character. I think you’ll find my assessments to be right on the money.”





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