Angela Ryan Sheds Her Chains


The simplicity of this Blueblood project, shot by Kelly Lind, is evident, but in it lies its greatest strength because it lets you see Angela Ryan in full with no distractions, allowing her to present herself in a way that causes you to feel many things that not necessarily are exclusively about the lustful side of things at first, and instead grants a special focus on some other aspects of the EroticFandom artform presented to you, such as the way she looks up hopefully (bringing up an array of emotions expressed in the images), or the fact that the lighting is done in such a way that the illuminated parts at times focus more on her face and lovely red hair (which reminds me to Jessica Rabbit) while concealing the rest of her body.

There is, as you’d expect, a moment when her chainmail outfit is completely gone from the scene and you get to enjoy the full view of Angela Ryan’s figure. This moment is greatly enhanced by the energy that continues to be present throughout the shoot.


The sultry Angela Ryan is going to be a guest at Spooky Empire’s ScreamFest this weekend in Orlando. And to think she just barely got back home doing nineteen burlesque performance dates as part of OzzFest and eleven as part of the Family Values tour and was guest of honor at FetishCon. If you are going to be in Florida this weekend, have a great time. For now, enjoy this Bladerunneresque photo set.
–Amelia G




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