Ariel X as a Sci Fi construct


I love science fiction. I think most of us here do. It is great to see Ariel X experimenting with a new creation for her. Alex did a great job on the makeup and the costuming comes off pretty good too. I like Kelly Lind’s use of shadow for this BlueBlood shoot. The red background brings out the white contrast of Ariel X’s outfit and the corset looks great on her. The use of light and shadow play a great part in the feel of this picture and Ariel X plays right into it. The pictures remind me of a Ziggy Stardust feel and I think this is largely due to the color choice and the way Ariel X poses.


The concept when Alex did Ariel’s makeup for this photo shoot was television sci fi. There was no specific character being attempted, just the general idea, because Ariel is a comic book fan.
–Amelia G


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