Coronal mass ejection


A coronal mass ejection is a solar event which emits a burst of plasma (electrons and protons). On Earth, such ejections disrupt the magnetosphere and can deplete the ozone layer. As a CME impacts Earth’s magnetosphere, it compresses it on the day side and extends the nightside tail. When the magnetosphere’s lines reconnect on the nightside, this creates trillions of watts of power which is directed back towards earth’s upper atmosphere. CME’s, along with solar flares, can cause particularly strong polar aurora. These events can disrupt radio transmissions, cause power outages (blackouts) and damage satellites and electrical transmission lines. (via Wikipedia) I feel like there is a humorous metaphor about sexy human stars like the Blue Blood stars and coronal mass ejections. Unfortunately I am finding this humorous metaphor just out of my reach. If the one-liner comes to me, I will be sure to fill you all in on my coronal mass ejection joke.

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