Mass Effect EDI Catsuit


AAAAAAA! I have wanted to see someone cosplay as EDI from Mass Effect for sometime, but as it is a rather, ahem, constricting costume, I haven’t seen someone try. I even put together a board on pinterest with reference images for you people. But NOW Anatomic Latex has made my dream come true. There is also a Kasumi, Miranda, Asari gallery that is worth a look. The whole site is worth browsing through. I don’t know how these latex catsuits are made, but they are damn impressive.

Mass Effect EDI latex costume cosplay is made of 0,6-2,0 mm latex. Helmet is made of latex too. All silver designs and texture patterns are ingrained in the latex, meaning it won’t wear or rub off.
Suit also has glow-in-the-dark / uv reactive pieces(see yellow detail).


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