Mass Effect’s EDI by Crystal Graziano at San Diego Comic-Con 2015


The renowned Crystal Graziano graces us in this issue’s cosplay spotlight, featuring the android EDI of Bioware‘s epic sci-fi RPG saga Mass Effect. The Mass Effect trilogy is a bunch of action-oriented, third-person shooter games where you play Commander Shepard, a soldier whose mission is to save the galaxy from threat of extermination by an ancient, powerful force known as the Reapers. Cue in the usual science fiction tropes such as interstellar travel, alien species, advanced technologies, devastating weaponry, with a sprinkling of romance, betrayal, and large-scale warfare, and you’ve got quite an epic saga to play with. I’m an avid fan of the series, and I’m positive Crystal is one as well, given her flawless rendition of EDI here. She should get the role if they ever make a movie out of the Mass Effect trilogy!

Crystal Graziano, according to her official Facebook and Tumblr pages, is a self-professed gamer, anime-manga lover, and a “still-studying” freelance artist. Not too many personal details of her on the Internet, aside from her having social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. She’s crazy popular, though, given the amount of traffic she gets on those pages. It’s no surprise, however, looking at the quality and quantity of cosplays she’s done. This EDI cosplay is probably the best yet I’ve seen yet. The careful attention to detail and intricate craftsmanship is just unparalleled. No doubt in my mind that Crystal’s a professional cosplayer, not just in name, but also in substance. Damn hot, that EDI cosplay!

Crystal Graziano has a DeviantArt profile where she posts her cosplays and even drawings (she’s also that kind of artist, wow). For newfound fans who want to contribute to her trade, you can also help her out by visiting her Amazon wishlist! Yes, apparently she’s that famous – enough that fans are actually asking for her wishlist.

Photos were taken in San Diego Comic-Con 2015 by Martin Wong. Latex suit by Andromeda Latex. Headpiece by The Mad Masker. Acrylic pieces by Alexander Toy. Carnifex by WM Armory. These guys are insane!

Crystal Graziano's EDI.
Crystal Graziano's EDI
Mass Effect's EDI


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