Miss Marvel by Sinne Doll at San Diego Comic-Con 2015


The sexy Sinne Doll brings us today’s cosplay spotlight, with her portrayal of the super-powered heroine Miss Marvel, of Marvel comics renown. For those unfamiliar with the convoluted epicness that is Marvel comics, Miss Marvel was initially conceived to be the female counterpart to Captain Marvel, but they eventually wrote her into the storyline as the successor to the original one. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (them blockbuster movies), a Captain Marvel movie is slated to be released in 2018, reportedly with Miss Marvel appearing as the titular hero of the story. Okay, enough of the geek-talk and all these “Marvel” words!

Sinne (pronounced “Sin”) is a seriously hot cosplayer with a penchant for wearing revealing costumes. According to her Facebook page and Blogger profile, she’s still a student (college, most probably), and her specialty is “being able to squeeze into uncomfortable costumes with bad hangovers.” Oh, and she has a “healthy hatred of pants.” Huh. A deliciously sexy cosplayer with a fantastic sense of wit and humor? Sign me up as a fan!

A closer look at her Instagram and DeviantArt pages tells me that she’s no stranger to quality cosplay work, even though she’s only been in the industry for just three years. And hot damn, she really loves flaunting her, uh… assets! Yeah, “assets”! This is one smoking-hot cosplayer that everyone should be following! She seriously needs to cosplay more so we can have more of her to gawk at.

Sinne Dolle has an official online store for all her cosplay prints. She also has a Twitter account, and if I were you, I’d follow her right now.

Photos were taken at the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Reference art for Miss Marvel comes from the awesome ArTGutierrez.

Sinne Doll's Miss Marvel
Sinne Doll's Miss Marvel
Miss Marvel in Marvel Comics


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