Darkstalkers’ Lilith by Sushi Monster at Anime Expo 2015


Anime Expo 2015 was definitely an awesome event for high quality cosplays, and this rendition of Lilith Aensland, of Darkstalkers fame, was unquestionably one of the top-tier cosplays during the convention. Lilith, for those unfamiliar with the Darkstalkers mythos, is a succubus, a female demon that enthrals men in order to siphon their “life force” for its nourishment. In real world mythology, these seductive demons drain their victims’ energy via sexual acts, though I’m not exactly sure if they do the same deeds in Darkstalkers… but I digress.

Lilith is portrayed by the sultry Chloe, AKA “Sushi Monster”, a veteran anime and video game cosplayer. A self-professed nerd, hair-dresser, and cosplay addict, Chloe has been doing modeling and cosplaying since 2005. She currently resides in California, and is a familiar face (and figure, hot damn) at most geek-related conventions in the United States.

It’s tough to pull off an epic Lilith Aensland cosplay, but Sushi Monster does it in blazing style. With her sexy slender build, and appropriately flat chest (inversely proportional to the busty Morrigan, the more known succubus of Darkstalkers), Chloe is a natural at this role. I love how she confidently exudes the whole “seductress aura”, and how the pros at Saffels Photography produced the photo shoot. Quality cosplay at its finest. Hope to see more of her work soon!

You can find more of Sushi Monster’s cosplays at her official Facebook page, Instagram account, and DeviantArt profile.

The legendary Artgerm drew the reference Lilith Aensland picture below, for Darkstalkers Resurrection on the Playstation 3.

Sushi Monster's Lilith
Sushi Monster's Lilith
Lilith Aensland in Darkstalkers


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