Indiana Jones by Krystle Starr at San Diego Comic-Con 2015


The famed Krystle Starr is today’s cosplay feature, portraying the venerable (and now sizzling hot) Indiana Jones, from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Personally, this is exactly what the ageing movie franchise needs – a hot, female actress as the new “Indy” to spice things up. Story-wise, she can be like, the up-and-coming protege of Dr. Jones — an inexperienced archaeologist (who turns out to be his biological child too) being trained to eventually take over the job since Indy (and Harrison Ford, the actor playing the role) is ancient as hell already. Instead, we got the Transformers kid (as crazy eccentric as Ford is as ancient old) as the replacement Indy. Man, when Hollywood flubs, it’s a horrible, nightmare of a mess.

Anyway, back to the cosplay. Krystle Starr is a well-known costume designer and cosplayer hailing from Dallas, Texas. She has been in the industry since 2010, and is a regular at the usual big conventions in the United States. There’s no doubt that she looks fantastic in this genderbender portrayal of ol’ Indy. Golden blonde hair, rockin’ sexy bod, very busty chest, and an extremely revealing getup — these are the hallmarks of an epic genderbent Indiana Jones cosplay, and Krystle has got it down 100%. I just wish that Hollywood (or Disney, since they now own the franchise) changes its mind and replaces that Transformers kid for a new female lead like what they’re doing here.

Krystle Starr has an official Facebook page, and an official website for all her work. She also has a Twitter account, and an Instagram account for all you social media junkies.

These awesome photos were taken by Mineralblu Photography.

Krystle Starr's Indiana Jones
Krystle Starr's Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones


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