Street Fighter’s Cammy by Nadya Sonika at San Diego Comic-Con 2015


This sexy Cammy cosplay is brought to you today by the lovely Nadya Sonika. For the uninitiated, Cammy White is the sultry assassin (or secret agent, depending on the timeline) of Capcom‘s Street Fighter franchise of fighting games. For the oldie movie buffs, she had an appearance (played by famous singer Kylie Minogue) in that disaster of a video game movie starring martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme. As a fighter, Cammy relies on her swift, punishing kicks and grappling, locking moves with her legs. As a result, the character looks like she’s never missed “Leg Day” workout in her life.

Nadya Sonika (real name Nadya Anton), is a native of Mexico, currently living in the city of Ciudad Juárez. A cosplay veteran and one of the most famous Mexican cosplayers, Nadya has been in the industry for 6 years now and has been a familiar face in big conventions all around the world. Still finishing up on her college degree, Nadya hopes to promote cosplay both as a fun hobby and a serious art form.

She’s definitely a natural in her Cammy cosplay, given as she’s done it a couple of times already in major conventions. This particular one was shot in the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con 2015 in California. Professional quality costuming, and great posing, as expected of a vet cosplayer. Nadya has a sexy physique too, and more importantly, the right kind of as-… legs – yeah, legs – for a great Cammy portrayal. Dat a… action pose!

Nadya Sonika has a whole plethora of websites and social media channels. She has an official website, an online store, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a YouTube channel and even a channel! Talk about marketing!

Photos were taken by Estrada Photography.

Nadya Sonika's Cammy.
Nadya Sonika's Cammy
Nadya Sonika's Cammy
Cammy in Street Fighter


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