Jessica Nigri got your Dragon Balls


“His power level is over 9000!” who would forget that momentous line of Vegeta after using his scouter to scan Goku’s power level from Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta or so you might say, Prince Vegeta of the Saiyan race is an arch nemesis and rival of Goku in Dragon Ball Z. He is the son of King Vegeta and the father of Trunks. Being the rival of Son Goku who is the main protagonist of the series, he might be the second strongest character in the series but I’m pretty sure the Prince of Saiyans will need another scouter if he was to measure the sexiness of this cosplayer.

Jessica Nigri is an American cosplay celebrity and promotional model of some renowned games such as Lollipop Chainsaw and the Assassin’s Creed Series. She started cosplaying in 2009 and rapidly went to fame in the cosplay industry. Once you see these pictures you’ll know that she’s also over 9000.

Want to see more over 9000 photos of her? Go to her page here


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