Watch your Dragon Balls for Amy Thunderbolt


Another sexy Dragon Ball cosplay for you guys today! But instead of a gender swap cosplay let’s go for a straight one. Our character for today is the very famous supporting character and wife of the Saiyan Prince and the ex girlfriend of Yamcha. It’s none other than Bulma!

Bulma is a supporting protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga, and in the animes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. She is a scientist and the second daughter of Capsule Corporation’s founder Dr. Brief and his wife Mrs. Brief, the younger sister of Tights. Bulma’s role in the story is someone that can also be seen in other typical shonen manga/anime, it’s the person who is very attractive where all other boys flaunts about except for the super dense protagonist and by protagonist here, I mean Goku. I mean come on bulma showed her Vajayjay to Goku (on the non censored version of the anime) but didn’t even affect him one bit. But nevertheless, Bulma is one of Goku’s very old friends since the beginning of the story, even before meeting Chi-chi.

In one point of the story she is forced to wear a Bunny costume since she thinks the previous outfit got too dirty for her to wear. She wears the Bunny costume until she gets a pair of gypsy styled clothes at Monster Carrot’s Village. This is where the cosplay comes in.

Our cosplayer for today is none other than Amy Thunderbolt. Amy is an Australian Cosplayer from Queensland what I like about her is the innocent, young and gorgeous look she has. I checked all her cosplay and it was all too darn cute. Amy cosplayed Bulma’s Bunny outfit here, having her eyebrows color mint green, like bulma and the mint green hair. For this cosplay, some of the photos here are self shot by her or you may call it her “selfie” but it was good tho, setting the camera for your own photo. I think others are by Beethy. Anyways let’s support her and if you want to see more of Amy Thunderbolt you may go to her Facebook here and follow her twitter page.





bunny bulma

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