A night with the Pokemon, Jessica Nigri


Oh yeah, I’m so hyped with Jessica Nigri Cosplays. I really like how Jessica Nigri cosplay so many pokemon in her career, but there is one pokemon cosplay of hers that brings the sexy in black and that is non other than Umbreon, one of eevee’s final form or you may also call it one of Jessica Nigri’s final form because of her wide array of cosplays.

Umbreon is a dark type pokemon that has a sleek black body with four slender legs and striking crimson eyes. It’s usually hard to find in the wilds since it is Rare. Well basically Umbreon is one of cute little Eevee‘s Final form along with Leafeon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Sylveon, Espeon and Glaceon it’s the Jack of All trades if I may with those every elemental evolution. Every form of Eevee has different forms of evolving. For Umbreon the player must raise his/her friendship with Eevee at the night, well who wouldn’t like it? If Jessica Nigri was Eevee I would gladly raise my friendship with her during the night. Back to topic, you may also evolve Eevee by using a moon shard to instantly evolve it to Umbreon.

I was really surprised how Jessica was able to portrayed Umbreon by not exactly portraying Umbreon. Let me explain if a regular person would cosplay umbreon, he/she would usually go for a full on leather suit with yellow details all over it, but Jessica Nigri was able to cosplay Umbreon by minimizing the sleek black body suit that other person would probably do, by going minimal and elaborating her sexiness while at it. She did a full on hood to get umbreons ears instead of a mask to portray the pokemon. But let’s not forget about the photographer, Beethy Photography he’s really good at capturing the angles and scenery for the cosplayers another factor that brings the cosplay to life.

You may view more of Jessica Nigri at her Official Facebook Page and don’t forget to browse and buy from her store!


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