Jessica Nigri the fire Pokemon Charizard


Remember the days when there was only 150 Pokemon? And who would forget the 3 famous pokemon who started them all. Specially the famous fire type Pokemon which Ash Ketchum always had trouble dealing with.

In the pokemon series Charizard is one of Ash’s strongest pokemon, but with great powers comes with great responsibilities and by responsibilities I meant having a hard time ordering your pokemon to attack or even do anything. But I think one person can knock the tails out of this pokemon by being one and I’m pretty sure he’ll keep his tails burning when he see Jessica Nigri’s Charizard Cosplay photographed by Adam Murray.

Setting the knockers topic aside, the photography itself is very overwhelming, with the right use of Lightroom and focus points, you may forget about the sexiness and appreciate the photography itself. How about you, what do you think of these photos?


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