Captain Jessica Nigri an Edward Kenway Cosplay


I’ve made a huge mistake. I underestimated Jessica Nigri‘s beauty. I’ve been following her cosplay career and I always thought that the one and only thing that made Jessica Nigri famous and unique was because of her huge boobs skin and sexiness but I was wrong.

In 2013 after cosplaying an Assassin’s Creed 3 character, Connor Kenway Jessica was offered by Ubisoft, the developer of the Assassin’s Creed Series, to cosplay another Assassin who is Edward Kenway, the grandfather of Connor Kenway. Edward Kenway was a british privateer who turned into a pirate and due to many circumstances he also became an Assassin. Edward, unlike other Assassin’s who has pure good intent and a noble heart, is very greedy and desires riches and fame. He didn’t join the Assassin brotherhood because of pure intent of helping but because he needed them. But along the way, he was able to learn the teachings of the Assassin’s Creed and still sought riches but not to be taken all by himself but to free the slaves and shared to those who needed it.

Going back, unlike Jessica’s previous cosplays, the outfit wasn’t made according to Jessica’s personal design but instead it was tailored by the Ubisoft Team themselves. This is what I was talking about, the outfit covered almost all parts of Jessica’s body, I thought that she would become a regular cosplay but boy was I wrong because Jessica wasn’t famous because of her skin and sexiness, yes it may be a factor but that’s not all it, she became famous because she can cosplay almost anyone. If she shows her skin in her cosplay, she becomes a sexy cosplayer but if she decides to show little flesh she becomes elegant as princess or a unique gemstone. The photographer Sasheen Kaihi brought the lighting and effects to the photo that really uplifts more of Jessica’s charm. You may view more of Jessica Nigri in her Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel. You may buy her portraits at her online store.


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