The Massive ASUS Z1 Titan


It’s been a while since Asus released a very incredible phone since their phones such as Asus Zenfone Go, Selfie, Max, Deluxe and Zenfone 2 were launched. People were very grateful especially with Zenfone 2 and Selfie because it is comparable to high-end expensive smartphones when it comes to the display, camera and speed but at the same time very affordable.

Because of the ever evolving technology, it is expected that one day the smartphone companies will release a phone that is very fast and bigger RAMs. It has been well-known that smartphones reached up to 4 GB RAM nowadays and surely, ASUS will not be the last one in the list to release such powerful smartphones.

ASUS Z1 Titan can be described as “massive” not because of the size but because of its features. It is yet to be announced regarding its release date but ASUS Z1 Titan will have a 6 GB RAM, 256GB ROM, a Snapdragon 830 chip and a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED 2K screen. The smartphone fanatics will surely drool on this one…and also those who are always complaining that “there is not enough internal memory” for android phones.

As mentioned, this is once again an android phone (probably the most preferred OS of those gamers) and it has Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a 3,500mAh battery (surprisingly but it’ll be great if it is at least 5000mAh). As for the camera, it has rear camera with a dual LED flash plus a 5MP front-facing one. Also, there are not just 1 but 4 front facing loudspeakers.

This phone focuses more on gamers compared to people who loves to take selfies. If you’re a gamer, this phone is definitely the one to wait for.


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