LG Rollable OLED TV


Yes, you’ve read it right! LG Rollable OLED. Some of you might have not noticed but rollable OLED technology was released by LG through LG Flex 2. If you own one, then your phone have this technology without you noticing it!

What’s great about LG Rollable OLED is you can just roll it like a piece of paper without the fear of breaking it! It is also as light as a paper. It is so advanced and a real proof that we are living in the future, indeed. Even on futuristic movies, we have not seen anything like this, only holograms.

If you’ve shopped for a TV or even a new Android smartphone recently, you may have seen OLED displays. Samsung has been using the tech to do some cool things in its smartphones lately, including the new Galaxy S6 Edge, which bends the screen around both edges. This is one example of the flexible OLED display. LG has taken the lead on the tech in larger displays, crushing their competitors with their LG Rollable OLED TV.

What does it do, actually? LG Rollable OLED TV is hassle-free portability; the LG representative had described rolling the TV up, stuffing it into a bag and taking it anywhere. Also, a placard at the booth showed future people reading a “digital newspaper.” This is the same as reading through your smartphone, but then this one bends and does not break. It is also said that this will replace smartphones (uh,oh).

What is inside this slender canister is a large, rollable touch screen with unparalleled resolution and contrast that will let you Skype, watch your favorite movies, can map out directions, and it’s all powered by a battery that lasts for days, good for long travels and road trips. Smartphones can last for hours but not days so this one is really going to get a strong positive feedback from consumers.


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