Miranda and Kasumi get really friendly!


Mea Lee brings back the very sensual biotic Miranda Lawson. Probably the hottest character in the Mass Effect series. This is an amazing cosplay since Mea has a great butt just like Miranda.

This time around Devorah joins in the fun as Kasumi Goto, the hot stealth and infiltration master.

Mea Lee is wearing her black Cerberus suit, is incredibly tight. Kasumi wears her tight gray suit as usual. They make some nice mid-video adjustments to their costumes.

The thief and the biotic both sexy and ready with their pistols. They give a perspective not shown in the Mass Effect games.

As you are all used to by now CosplayErotica the post has a nice set of pictures and a video. Remember the links might not be SFW, but in this posts everything is! so enjoy and keep coming back for more!


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