Swimsuits and Dragon Girls

Would you like a pet dragon? Yes? Great, me too. How about a dragon in a maid outfit? A bikini? Still no? But what if I told you the dragon is in human form? I’m pretty sure got your curiosity! To those who’ve watched the anime, you can probably already guess what I’m talking about. It’s the anime the twitterverse doesn’t seem to want to shut up about, it’s “Ms. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”.

How to describe this anime? There isn’t really a deep life changing storyline in this one, it’s the kind of anime you’d want to watch if you’re looking for something with less drama, light, and something that you can just laugh and have fun with each episode.

Obviously because twitter can’t shut up about this anime, it’s popularity rose and caught the attention of cosplayers who wasted no time in picking out the characters they like most and bringing them to life. Here are cosplayers, sevenbaby as Tooru and Xiàměi jiàng as Quetzalcoatl. I know their cosplay isn’t in maid outfit as is expected from the title, but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind the swimsuit cosplay!

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