Super Saiyan Blue Penny Poison


PennyPoison never wastes time in getting your heart racing, and this BlueBlood shoot is a testament to that, as from the first image you see, you can tell how invested she is in arousing you with her black lingerie, her sexy dark stockings and a garter belt that makes you melt with desire for this uniquely hot goddess.

Her blue hair is also something noteworthy here, because it gives her a powerful look that enhances her allure, as if she had borrowed Goku’s powers to transform into a Super Saiyan Blue, but instead of limitless ki powers, she got the gift of godly sensual skills that only you get to enjoy as she poses, increasing the temperature with every movement, letting you taste the full extent of her sensuality.

Slowly and delightfully, PennyPoison starts removing her GothicSluts top, then her panties, and she poses while showing you her naked talents, mesmerizing you with them, causing you to stop for a long time to survey every aspect of her incredible beauty until she is wearing nothing but the stockings and that confident smile on her face.

The incredible Penny Poison is just finishing up an intense three month performance tour. The stage costume outfit she is wearing in this set, shot by yours truly and Forrest Black, is all clothing she customized herself. Red feathers feels like just the thing for Valentines Day. Happy February, everyone!
–Amelia G


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