Step Into The Dark Side With Penny Poison


Let me start by saying that, if the dark side of the force has beautiful women like Penny Poison, I would become a Sith immediately.

Those of you regulars here know already that I am weakened by corsets, but there is another thing that Gothic Sluts manages to do which increases the appeal, sexiness and overall “wow” factor of Penny Poison here: dark purple black lipstick, heels, black pantyhose and black gloves, all in contrast with her enveloping red hair and white, silky-smooth skin.

While this shoot from BlueBlood has nothing to do with Star Wars, it does present an enigmatic look of the sweet wonders to be found in the dark side with Penny Poison (the name just rolls off your tongue).


I am a big fan of noir and Penny Poison just looked like such a femme fatale with her vintage style black lingerie. Forrest Black was able to figure out how to light the bar and Penny Poison hopped on up and we started shooting. Penny Poison is a wonderful muse and a really fun person.
–Amelia G




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