Annika Amour’s Vintage Ferocity


As we have seen before, not everything has to be hyper-colored and in-your-face. Beauty and sensuality can also be achieved in Vintage style black and white, as Blueblood shows with this gallery.

Annika Amour looks like a character that would fit in perfectly in the tone of a Sin City movie, with her serious (yet seductive) look, while teasing by giving you a peek of what lies under her top and skirt.

The overall look gives her an aura of mystery, as if she was inviting you to come closer while at the same time warning you to keep your distance, which only makes you want to get even closer.

If you like Gothic Sluts in black and white give this one a chance, you won’t regret it.



I love the angles of Annika Amour’s face. She is very sweet, but she has the countenance of a 1940’s film star femme fatale. Forrest Black and I decided to go for that look with Annika and her femme fatale must-have accessory the little veiled hat.
–Amelia G



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