AltStar 20: AltStar Awards, Toyfriends, and Clickables


AltStar Magazine’s 20th issue continues on its mission to take over the alt world and advocate for alt influencing mainstream industry. Everyone who is hot lands on these pages, and some of them more than once! We’ve got awards, toys, and a lot of cool interviews n picture spreads (pun!) in this one. It’s the combination of art and intellect that really drives this issue—an issue that has some interactive easter eggs to boot!

AltStar Awards Presented by Bad Dragon: A Celebration of Art and Innovation

The most recent AltStar Awards once again showcases the creativity and diversity of the alternative adult entertainment industry. This time we are pandemic restriction free and that means a lot of funky about to go ‘round. I love industry award shows because the sense of ‘we’ve been through this’ and war tales tend to gel our community together. The AltStar Awards are the climax (I get paid by the pun) of the award season.

The AltStar Awards got it all from best alternative model to most innovative adult toy (you gotta check out some of these Bad Dragon toys! Wozwers. I think even my good friend Doctor Payne maxed out our credit card for ‘review purposes’ on some of these).

This year’s AltStar Awards will be almost upon us, dear reader, by the time you read this: bottom line is, if you’re in Vegas or need a great vacation, buy the ticket. These events are well worth the price of admission and you’ll have tons to talk about the next time Aunt Velma flips out the vacation slide show.

Robin Coffins: Rising Star and Fearless Performer

Interviewed by Goltar and put into immortalized memory by the BlueBlood wonder-duo of Amelia G and Forrest Black, Robin Coffins enters our visual realm with a bit of show and tell (quite literally). I won’t spoil much of the interview with Robin Coffins and the photos are from Hall of Famers Amelia G and Forrest Black so you know they are out of this world delicious. I will say I am extremely jealous of and thankful for Robin for one of their answers. I can’t believe they got to shoot a porno at The Blood Countess’ Castle!! That’s insane, right? I know what I’ll be watching later on. The magazine spread is glowing with works like this and this section alone is worth the price of admission (plus the other parts of the magazine all kick butt!).

AltStar Magazine 20

Kenzie Reeves: A Multi-faceted Talent

Kenzie Reeves is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of alternative adult entertainment. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw this spread featuring Kenzie, I swore it was three different models. I had to take a few looks to see it was all Kenzie. I think that speaks a lot to her ability to be ‘the other’. What starts off as huge spiked heels, torn fishnets, and black tape blocking the bits turns into the raver girl next door look with black Daisy Dukes and rainbow suspenders. Kenzie then shifts into an I Dream of Jeanie (the NR version) look with a safe for work (check it out below) image. I love the colors and the absolute playfulness of it all.

Kasara Wood: ‘The Friendly Neighborhood Succubus’

There’s a lot to love about this interview and photo spread featuring Kasara Wood. Arctic Phoenix (no relation…hmmm…or is there!?) gets a great performance from Wood in the interview and Nikki Eliot’s camera brings everything to life. I love the art direction here (something you’ll probably hear me say repeatedly for this issue). The pictures display a sensual day dream and the answers are as insightful as they are applicable beyond camming. The big take away from this interview is, yes, camming is an art and it is one you can really devote yourself to. I enjoyed the grounding of cam work into an artistic form. This interview goes well with Severe’s (discussed below), as it shows a unity in art. Plus, that spiked heel! Oh my! I’m pretty sure Kasara needs to register that thing as a lethal weapon. Don’t take my word for it, though, check this shot out!

PaleSaent: The Artist

If you haven’t seen PaleSaent before (and how could you not??), you are in for a treat. PaleSaent’s spread is one of my favorites. I can show a bit of what I’m talking about in an SFW style, but let’s say the designs pop and they bring everything to life. PaleSaent is an enigmatic figure and this comes through their photoshoot. It’s difficult to pin down exactly why I get this vibe, but I think it’s how naturally posed PaleSaent looks. No matter what photo (take a look at this one!), you will see a model at peace with themselves and their art. One of the hardest poses you can ask a model for is ‘just act naturally’. Yet, PaleSaent pulls this off perfectly. The entire shoot, by the iconic Bob Coulter, transcends the camera and passes through to our eyes.


ToyFriends. Ever see a Tupperware party? Ever see one for adult toys? I love the concept of Toy Friends. It’s a great way to hook in new toys and have people—real people—discuss them. The multicolored wonderland of adult fun is a far evolution from the old days. Remember the old days? Doing cam in a studio house where all the toys were put into an old Folgers Coffee can that was ‘definitely’ sanitized? You know sharing is caring…

Gone are those days (I do miss the orange mocha fraps, though…). Long live ToyFriends and their fiendishly clever combination of true testimony and erotica. I hope this section stays for future issues because it really lets the readers into to the minds and toy drawers of our favorite models.

Dee Severe: The Celebrated Fetish and Kink Director

Dee Severe is a celebrated fetish and kink director known for her groundbreaking work in the industry. In this interview by Goltar, Dee discusses her creative process, the challenges she faces as a director in the alternative adult entertainment world, and her passion for empowering performers to explore their darkest desires.

To top it off, Severe opens up on a ‘worst kept secret’ in the industry. She goes into how things used to be before the internet really broke the cookie jar. Cookies aside, Severe’s words highlights another reason why shows like the AltStar Awards are important. The events give us the opportunity to give thanks and support to the community. A community that is often looked down on by ‘other film’ makers. I enjoyed the answers and Severe gives a pretty good lesson or two for people coming into the industry.

In the end…

We’ve seen just a glimpse of all that AltStar Magazine’s 20th issue has to offer. There are a lot of really cool photos and the interviews are all top-notch. If you are a fan of the Alt, you can definitely get this one for the interviews alone. It really is a good read. Of course, the photography is interstellar with a lot of intricate designs and concepts.

My only question is: Why are you still reading this review!? Go get your copy today (get the digital and the print! The digital is so cool with those clickables and the print is fantastic quality. Kudos to the art layout team!). Plus if you visit Zinetastic now, you can get a free copy with code alt20 which is courtesy of Presenting Sponsor MyFreeCams. No more excuses!


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