SexyFandom Welcomes Bad Dragon as Platinum Sponsor of the 2023 Bazowie! Awards


SexyFandom would like to welcome Bad Dragon as Platinum Sponsor of the 2023 Bazowie Awards.

Bad Dragon is an innovator in the toy space, whose goal is to help make fantasies real for those of us who fantasize about the sensual potential of creatures ranging from dragons to werewolves to cybernetic hybrids. Bad Dragon was born out of a strong desire for a greater selection of fantasy toys to be made available to everyone. Offering extensive customization of its products; every toy is available in a choice of colors and firmnesses as well as custom color options, with the occasional tech embellishment like spurting lube or the ability to Dragon-Mount to a harness. By pushing the envelope with new materials and technology, Bad Dragon has gained a reputation for producing visually appealing, robust, high-quality toys with innovative features.

Fans, friends, and industry can still vote for favorite Bazowie! Awards nominees. Free General Admission and VIP ticketing is open to attend the Bazowie Awards.

Please use the SexyFandom contact form for questions.

Thanks again to Bad Dragon!


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